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5G technology will be introduced in the country by 2022, Aminul Haq

A joint venture agreement has been signed between the Pakistan Stock Exchange and the Pakistan Software Export Board under which the two companies will work together to list Pakistani IT companies in the stock market.

The Pakistan Stock Exchange has announced the formation of a gym board for the participation of IT companies through which IT companies will be able to accelerate the growth of the IT industry in Pakistan by raising capital.

The agreement was signed by Imran Nasir, MD, Pakistan Software Export Board and Farrukh Khan, CEO, Pakistan Stock Exchange.

The agreement was signed by Federal Minister for Information Technology Aminul Haq. Special guest attended.

Addressing the function, Federal Minister for IT Aminul Haq said that a target has been set to increase IT exports to 5 5 billion by the end of the tenure of the present government. The field of IT is undergoing rapid change.

We have to keep pace with these changes. At the height of the Corona epidemic, the MQM and the Karachi business community supported Smart Lockdown.

We have to introduce FiveG at lightning speed. Every effort will be made to introduce FiveG technology in the country by December 2022.

Imran Nasir, MD, Pakistan Software Export Board, said that 10,000 IT companies are registered in Pakistan.

Farrukh Khan, CEO, Pakistan Stock Exchange, said that today is an important day and will provide assistance to IT companies in raising capital from the stock market.

The memorandum of understanding was signed between Pakistan Stock Exchange and Pakistan Software Export Board. We have to work together for the development of tea companies.

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