70-Year-Old Charged $1.1 Million For Coronavirus Care

70-Year-Old Charged $1.1 Million For Coronavirus Care

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  1. I have never had to pay a medical bill up front, we have National Insurance which is deducted from our salaries each month (a small amount of money, and EVERYONE pays it) and we are covered for ANYTHING we may need while receiving treatment, No one goes bankrupt because they cannot pay their medical bills. We are the United Kingdom.

  2. Not to mention all these tests that were run to "rule out" every other thing under the sun that "had to be done or insurance won't pay." Had the patient known all along that they'd be responsible, they likely would've opted out of a whole lot of unnecessary nonsense.
    What a ridiculous system. Burn it down.

  3. Cost of my sister, her husband and their two girls $0.00 . They arrived back from a Caribbean cruise ship holiday cut short from infected passengers. They were quarantined on from Airport to hotel. My sister tested positive but her family were not infected. So she was confined to her separate hotel room. Then she was hospitalised for 3.5 weeks in and out of ICU . She got well and was again isolated in room next door to her family for 2 weeks then retested for covid 19 that she cleared. She then was isolated back together in a different hotel which was no less than previous 4 star, for 2 weeks again. After passing tests for covid 19, they came home to Queensland. The Australian Government paid all costs including food delivered as hotel service 3 times a day.I am proud to say we are better off here in Australia,but think maybe other governments could do better for their People.

  4. Here in Netherlands my maximum out of pocket in 300 euro per year, and I pay about 195 euro per month – middle level coverage.
    For profit healthcare is as stupid as voting for Donald Trump or Brexit.
    Back in the USA I never went to a doctor unless I was desperate.
    So nice to live in a place with affordable easy to access healthcare and people wise enough to stamp out covid. We had 65 new cases.

  5. So can she afford this? You don't go into that. If she can't, then have you ever heard of chapter 7 bankruptcy?????? Do you know why they are offering to pay for part of the bill???? Because they know the person cannot afford anything. They are just trying to put this person in as much debt as she can possibly imagine having. Most people, if they have 100k in debt or 300k of debt would just put their hands up and scream "HELP ME ANYBODY" The hospital doesn't want them to do that. The hospital wants to be "the helper". You are not helping if you aren't yelling at the top of your lungs "FILE FOR BANKRUPTCY!!!!!!!!!!" The hospitals want to take the place of the patient's lawyer so they never learn about the option of bankruptcy. It could cost a person 2k. If they have a bunch of unpayable debt and they don't own a bunch of property and possessions that add up to a significant amount, then they should go see their neighborhood personal bankruptcy attorney. Debt kills. We should have videos about chapter 7 bankruptcy coming from other sources besides just the personal bankruptcy attorneys. Aren't we on the left supporting debt forgiveness? Aren't we on the left promoting debt jubilee? That's exactly what chapter 7 is. That's why it is the number "7". Because in biblical times or whenever they had debt jubilees every 7 years. I think I'm correct about that. Look it up. But yea, its a good thing. But what isn't a good thing is they cleverly in the 90's made student loan debt immune form personal bankruptcy. Now why would they do that????? I don't know but I can speculate that the people who were pushing for it could see that there would be a lot of money to be made from people who were going to be struggling in the new economy. They knew that for profit education would be increasing in popularity because jobs were going away and people would be desperate. Be a chef, be a massage therapist, be a music producer, go to Phoenix University etc. etc. Being able to discharge it because it was not worth near what was paid for it was inconvenient to the capitalist class who was invested in for profit schooling and banks that happily give anyone loans who can register for classes. With foreclosures, the bank can takeover the property. With your useless degree or 100 credits there was nothing but nothing, so what's the point of hiring a teacher and printing all those fancy textbooks if you can't throw people into debtors prison?? Talk about damage. Why is it that many shows that appear to be taking the lead in representing a left point of view are so quick to model helplessness. Not many of them are talking about organizing. Not many of them are talking about wealth tax. Not many are talking about economics in an informed way that would make people smarter and more informed then they were before they watched the show. Is people going bankrupt from medical bills really news? Haven't we been over this terrain hundreds of times before? Give people some tools. Put them in touch with some information or a source of assistance that isn't another trap. My suggestion is look into chapter 7 bankruptcy because I did the exact thing when I had med bills amounting to around 20k. I was not making much, and I didn't own much, and I had some credit card debt like 15k and a bunch of student loan debt. I got rid of everything save the student debt. This was years ago and I still have no interest in a credit card and I don't care what my credit score is. And if you are getting hit with huge medical bills and you might be considering personal bankruptcy do not let the hospital know because they will knock it down, knock it down. That might be an option for you. But they will cut it in half or whatever to get you to pay all of your take home plus some more. So do what's right for you, but if you are thinking about filing remember telling your friendly hospital bill collector isn't a good idea. How could Bernie ever get elected if his campaign was essentially a charade? The virus did change the landscape quickly, but Bernie was just like a third party candidate who was gonna get shut out at some point, in this case by his own party. Let's say Biden's health failed and none of the other candidates achieved any meaningful support so Bernie became the nominee and won. So???? Didn't Obama have a similar mandate with healthcare? I'm pretty sure he had a similar mandate if not exactly the same as M4A, they just didn't call it that. So, how did that go? Lets not pretend that Bernie was close at all and lets not pretend that on the insanely slim chance that he became elected getting anywhere with M4A would happen. If you are a Judeo Christian or Muslim believer you can be confident that they will probably have M4A in heaven. Or you can move to one of many other western countries. I don't know what Israel's health care system is like, but I read someone say that we shouldn't be giving billions of dollars of aid to a country that has better healthcare than we do.

  6. Do you know just how much this gentleman would have to pay for his care here in the U.K.? ZERO!!!!! I repeat ZERO….. think about that one if you live in ‘the best country in the world’!😤😤

  7. I'll pay 5.00 a month till I did that's all I can afford! Totally legal, if you can prove you really can't afford only 5.00. So again Trumps screwed up policies in the end the people end up paying.If you have o job you can't pay can you?

  8. Love being a 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦 we have access to publicly funded universal Healthcare. Healthcare or access to it should be a human right and not a high end commodity for profit.

  9. You can't get blood from a stone. In this situation you could have hospitals going bankrupt. People are just not going to be able to pay – and then hospitals won't be able to pay workers – and so on and so on. I'm Canadian and I was just talking to an American – said hospital that his wife works at laid off 500 workers.

  10. WOW, here the citizen of Costa Rica, the recovery people of COVID-19, has to pay $0.00, and even if you are from another nation, have to pay $0.00 for coronavirus…

  11. Oh but everyone worries about who's gonna pay..that's the bottom line..who's gonna pay? I'm not paying for someone else ..we need universal health care..

  12. That guy would have received the finest treatment possible from a British NHS hospital, and at zero cost, still think insurance companies provide your needs America?

  13. This is why we need Med I care for all ! Because this could of happen to ? The Green Party is the same as Bernie Sanders offed ? If you want to save your money and your life vote Green Party !

  14. It must be truly a cause of PTSD to be living and working with a family to care for, and not have Universal Health. I am once more grateful that my father was Canadian.

  15. A country built on the back of greed and based soley on money, is bound to collapse. The people are secondary and only considered part of the asset list. But these big corporations and your government forgot something in their rush of greed. Caring for a population should be a given. A healthy population is a productive one.

  16. I am a medical center nonessential employee and was told at our last Town hall meeting that the medical center is doing fine financially. But, they continued to say there will be no raises or bonuses this year, not even a Christmas party.

  17. I knew this would happen, exactly why I was so afraid besides dying from Covid-19.
    American healthcare system is for profit, even though the hospitals are non-profit and tax exempt.


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