98% reduction in Android apps that allow access to call and text data

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Google is cracking down on all apps that misuse permissions. This crackdown has had a very positive effect.

This is also estimated by Google’s claim that in 2019, the number of apps requesting access to calls and text in the Play Store has decreased by 98%.

Google did not have to work hard to do so. Google implemented a new policy in October 2018 for unnecessary permission.

Google says that as a result of this policy, 790,000 apps were not allowed to reach the Play Store.

Google began asking developers in May 2019 if their apps target children. ۔ Google has also removed malware from the Play Store. Google Play Protect has blocked non-Play Store malware 1.9 billion times.

Google has been trying for a long time to remove malware from the Play Store. It is difficult to completely eliminate the misuse of permissions even in Android 10.

However, it seems that the developer is respecting Google’s policy or expected Fearing crackdowns, they are removing unnecessary licenses themselves.