Actor Shan started remembering his late mother

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Actress Shaan Shahid has started remembering her late mother, actress Nelo. She has also given a message in this regard.

Shaan Shahid shared a picture of his childhood on Instagram in which his late mother Nelo is seen holding him in her arms. “When I lost my father, it was you who never let me miss my father,” he said, recalling his father with the photo.

Shaan Shahid also said that I always tried to follow in your footsteps and even if I ever tried to achieve anything in life, I always found you smiling at the point of success.

He also said that everything you have told me in life has become a beacon for me. You started the journey of my life and the place you saw became the place of my success.

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It should be noted that the former superstar of Pakistan showbiz industry Nelo had passed away a few days ago at the age of 81 due to illness.