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After a long argument, Sunil Grover now started singing Kapil Sharma’s songs

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Bollywood comedian Sunil Grover has started singing Kapil Sharma’s songs after a long argument.

Sunil Grover, who played the role of Dr. Galati in the most popular comedy show ‘Kapil Sharma’, had a quarrel with the show’s host and fellow comedian Kapil Sharma some time back.

Later, he left the show and started his own show which was not successful.

After a long time, Sunil Grover suddenly started singing Kapil Sharma’s guns. “I can never be angry with Kapil because he is so funny and funny that it doesn’t raise the question of anger,” he said in an interview.

It is to be noted that Sunil Grover, who made his Bollywood debut due to his uncrowned comedy, is making headlines these days due to his role in the web series ‘Tandio’.

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