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Amazon knelt before Indian extremists

Amazon Prime Video knelt before Indian extremists because of the web series.

Indian director Abbas Tafar’s web series ‘Tando’ is based on Indian politics which extremist parties did not like.

He was criticized for the film’s theme and story, and extremist Hindus joined hands with all actors, including filmmakers, to apologize.

Extremist Hindus not only demanded the removal of controversial scenes from Ali Abbas Zafar from the web series, but also filed cases against the actors, after which the filmmakers formally apologized.

Even after the apology was issued, the extremist parties kept their heads high and, adopting their traditional style, announced to give crores of rupees to those who cut the tongues of the actors.

However, in view of this situation, Amazon has now retreated.

Amazon Prime Video apologized, saying “we are sorry to hear that some users have raised objections to certain scenes in the web series.”

As soon as this was known, those mantras were edited and some were deleted. We respect our viewers and apologize if our actions have offended anyone.

Amazon Prime Video also said in its tweet that we will continue to create such web series in accordance with Indian laws while respecting cultural diversity and consumer choice.

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