Anderson Cooper: Trump Hijacked The Coronavirus Task Force Briefings

Anderson Cooper: Trump Hijacked The Coronavirus Task Force Briefings

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  1. The BIBLE. Gospel according to Ezekiel. Ch 6, V2. And He sendeth His furies in plagues. It raineth frogs, a cloud of locusts came and devoured the crops. Famine took all but the strongest, then pestilence descended and taketh a great many of those left. Finally, the Rehavenites were witnessed to paint crosses on their doors with the blood of a sacrificially slaughtered goat. The next morning the firstborn son of each home was found lifeless, except for those with the marks on their doors. As anger grew and the feelings towards the Rehavenites hardened into hate, all of them packed their things and together left the land of their fathers to go seek those fertile plains, long prophesied in words passed down through generations, as their own promised land. But Qanon, the elder of the Rehavenites for as long as any could recall, was rapidly failing. A death away from the land he had known as home or the land long promised his tribe was a bitter pill to swallow but the Almighty sent visions to ease the passage of Qanon and console him on the future of his people. When Qanon passed, his great wisdom was felt relocating within the minds of those who had spent many years studying the ways of merciful passivity with him. Qanon was at least 20 years older than the next oldest Rehavenite and his great age was said to have begun during the 5th summer of Pharoah Ankh, making him at least 62 harvest cycles. His remains were dealt with according to custom and his footwear was made safe for the greatest of journeys which now awaited him in the world of whispering shadows.

  2. General Flynn is a bump in the road. Never mind the doctored 302's, never mind the Strzok – Page romance, Never mind wing nut Biden campaign, never mind John Durham . . .

  3. Anderson Cooper, could this be a good way to respond to the mother of the albino: "I don't honestly quite qualify as a true albino. I have natural pigmentation in, for example, my eyebrows."?

  4. My news comes from late night shows, news sites on Twitter, news from foreign countries. However, for some people no matter what facts you give out, some people don't care. Look at the protesters & all the people who refuse to socially distance

  5. Trump high jacked the Covid task force? LOL In reality he used them to show the American people that Drs. Birx and Fauci are fraudulent deep state operatives. How did Faucl know back in 2017 by his own televised words that Covid was coming? Why did Fauci tell Trump at that offset of Covid that it was not that bad.Why did Fauci give a hand sign to a CNN reporter on his way out of one of the pressers? Trump used these liars then kicked them out. Trump turned the tables on the deep state. Not high jacked them.

  6. Anderson, you still look very good and I would say almost striking. Don’t let inferiority Complex get the better of you. Take Care.

  7. I actually think that the President was in good faith when he suggested using disinfectant, the reason is because he was born with a silver spoon and has never needed to clean anything so he doesn’t know what disinfectant is. Don’t blame him for it actually.

    I am not a pro-Trump person but I think I need to be fair too.

  8. The scale of this pandemic and the daily numbers were not really registering with me until I thought of the numbers of a school shooting, say fifteen, and how we were so shocked at that. Then imagine a school with 60,000 kids killed.

  9. One of the WORSE things we're having to witness in the history of this country is having our "leader" spitballing his idiotic ideas (ie. Injecting bleach etc…) in the middle of a pandemic 🤦… Just when you thought this presidency couldn't get more surreal. What a nightmare 😑

  10. Waiting for America not be culture shallow vein selfishness rainbow me me me community selfishness, might be some centuries before America look past me me me Hollywood idiots

  11. Andersson has been around…watching horrible situations where people losing lifes and homes. Corona is really weird. Globaly we all are hit at the same time and that is a very strange thought 🤔 like these two guys friendship 😊 and Anderssons giggle…🥰

  12. Steven Colbitch not bitching about Trump,it is the end. The president has no authority to close or open a thing except the federal government and some parks. I'm tired of Trump talking and this guy feeding fear even more. I've resorted to this link makes me not believe anyone. Anybody pray anymore?

  13. Please excuse me….but this guys didn't answer the question….where are you getting your information from?
    He just went on about the trump news and briefings, and now that trump isn't giving as many briefings…..where is he getting his info?
    He didn't answer that question

  14. In dealing with a pandemic, Trump withdraws funds to support WHO, winds down Coronavirus Task Force. Help me out here, I'm not good with analogy but this looks strangely like your whole family is down with a virus, but you refuse to pay the doctor and then gag the team of medical staff trying to help you find out how to make you feel better, get well faster.

  15. CNN lied about Bernie Sanders!! You Are Not Forgiven! You allowed OUR election to be highjacked! Shame on you!! Now we have, once again, two sold out shyts to choose from! We do not trust your reporting, maybe never will again!

  16. Impacting on scale without precedent? Poverty, perhaps? Discrimination, maybe? Hunger, possibly? Ignorance, getting warm? Doofus nepotistic craven leadership, yeah, without precedent.

  17. I'm disappointed that when Mr. Colbert asked about the sources of his information research, Mr. Cooper deflected the question, referred to Mr. Trump's actions instead, and then moved on, charmingly, to something else. If he meant to protect his sources, I would have rather he had said so directly.
    He had a perfect opportunity to show how reliable, how different his reporting is from others.
    He blew it.
    He helped me lump him with "all those reporters" who can't be relied upon to report with integrity.
    I didn't expect THAT from an interview I so looked forward to enjoying.

  18. Funnelling information through the White House is like divining for water in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and expecting people to believe that it's neither wet nor salty.

  19. Most people have a complete inability to fully comprehend the death and suffering until it affects them directly. You think people in those billionaire funded republican protests to reopen would be protesting if someone they cared about died or got very sick from covid-19?


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