Another Indian army officer committed Suicide in occupied Kashmir

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Another Indian army officer committed Suicide in occupied Kashmir
Lance Naik Hamilton Pandey was recently deployed in the Indian Army’s camp

Srinagar: In Indian occupied Kashmir, the Indian Army has committed suicide by shooting from the official rifle.

According to the International News Agency, Indian Navy Haimant Kumar Pandey, Indian army officer, shot dead in the area of ​​the occupied Kashmir, shot himself from the official rifle and eliminated his life.

Lance Naik was the resident of Hemant Kumar Orissa, and was recently posted in the base of twelve Mela of Indian Army 19 Infantry Brew, where he was performing the duties of the guard.

Hemant Kumar was shifted to the hospital for a severe injury. However, he did not break the cure during the absence of the injured, due to the license of license nike.

Due to the low pressure and mental pressure of the Indian army in the occupied Kashmir, incidents of killing and killing of fellow personnel are being increased on the basis of suicide and minority violence, in the year 2017, 4,20 personnel were killed in suicide and conflict.

It is clear that the Indian Defense Ministry released a survey in 2014, which was revealed to be an indian suicide attack on the third day.