Another new strain of corona virus discovered in Germany

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A new strain of corona virus has been discovered in the southern German state of Bavaria, infecting 35 people.

According to the World News Agency, a new strain of corona virus has been discovered in Germany, which is different from the virus discovered in Britain and South Africa.

At a hospital in Bavaria, 73 patients and medical staff tested positive for corona, but the corona virus in 35 of them was slightly different from those in other parts of the world.

A statement from Germany’s National Institutes of Health said the virus was “very different” from those recently discovered in South Africa and the United Kingdom.

Research on the new strain of the virus has begun in Germany, with precautionary measures being tightened and lockdowns enforced, while Pfizer and the biotech corona vaccine are being administered.

It should be noted that after 214 deaths in one day from the corona virus in Germany, the total number of deaths so far has reached 46,633.

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