Arizona, Florida, Texas, California and South Carolina see surge in new coronavirus cases

Arizona, Florida, Texas, California and South Carolina see surge in new coronavirus cases

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  1. A 'surge' in influenza as people live their lives is NORMAL. Total deaths from all influenza cases (including covid') is on par with every other year. Mass media is a knowing propoganda machine and needs to be destroyed. Anyone who promotes 'social distancing' is pure evil and should be considered an enemy to humanity.

  2. People who went to the rally in tulsa were sick and said that they didn't care they took Tylenol to mask the fevers admitted they were sick 😷 how many people will survive and who won't care. Trump

  3. A lot of those morons who were crowing those beaches, like if the Covid-19 had flown away like seasonal locusts, will be among the 100,000 additional deaths that the Covid-19 will cause in this country by the end of the year.

  4. Good thing California, New York, and New Jersey mandated vaccines for kids and made unvaxed kids stay home. Whew, things could have been so much worse, right? RIGHT???!!??! Lmao, those who trade safety for liberty get none!!!!!

  5. The real concerning numbers are the % of tests coming back positive. That is the best data available for judging how much of the population has the virus and how fast it is spreading. Arizona is particularly high at over 20% positive rate and seems to be continually climbing. Most states where things are under control are under 5%. Arizona is likely in the middle of a major outbreak. The next month could be very serious there.

  6. if they didnt test so much they wouldnt find cases…. just like if you dont look at trees you wont see any squirrels…. or if you’re not in the woods and a bear poops there you dont smell it

  7. I am so tired of these wise ass a holes who think they have figured everything out and leave comments saying everything is hoax, ugh please go to the hospitals and volunteer without a mask pls.

  8. Coming from a person that lives in South Carolina the people are very hard headed,they don’t wear mask in Walmart, and are everywhere on the boulevard I think they need to close South Carolina again because these South Carolinians thinks this is a joke

  9. Well you definitely can't trust Virginia's Senator he's trying to steal their guns take away their second amendment thanks to guns and gadgets everybody should be a member of people are being woke up on that

  10. This is directly from the WHO (World Health Organization), current as of June 5, 2020:

    "At present, there is no direct evidence (from studies on COVID- 19 and in healthy people in the community) on the effectiveness of universal masking of healthy people in the community to prevent infection with respiratory viruses, including COVID-19."

    Page of publication:

    The PDF can be found under the "Technical guidance" section:
    "Advice on the use of masks in the context of COVID-19"
    Click on the "Download" link (or use this

    In the PDF the above statement appears on page 6, left side, third paragraph under "Guidance on the use of masks for the general public"

    Also on the same page, on the right side:
    "Many countries have recommended the use of fabric masks/face coverings for the general public. At the present time, the widespread use of masks by healthy people in the community setting is not yet supported by high quality or direct scientific evidence and there are potential benefits and harms to consider (see below)."

  11. It is incredible how the media is just trying so hard to make more and more people to comply and live in fear. They are trying so hard to push the global agenda of showing how this flu is just insanely dangerous.

    I wonder how this all these new cases work? On a sunny day, we sit or walk on the beach and in the afternoon we decide on the spur of the moment that we should get tested for COVID!? I am having a hard time understanding this mentality? How does this work? People are rushing into testing sites? Based on what? I'd love to hear a story from people, who rushed into get tested. What was their motivation?

    I also find it interesting that hundreds of thousands of new cases being reported, but all I see/hear is politicians dancing in front of the camera. I never see a single person being interviewed who went and get tested and the result was positive. Where are they? Why NONE of them is speaking up? Well, it's because they don't actually exist, LOL!

    But, let's give the benefit of the doubt, and let's pretend there are indeed 100,00 new cases. That's actually a good thing! It has been said, that the more people get it the better. Because everyone's immune system will start to get working. That's what it designed to do. The media is freaking out and pretends humans don't have a defense system. Jesus, what an idiocy!

    The script writers who are hiding in the background are the ones who are scared. They are worried, what if their fear mongering agenda will not work…

  12. The modern mainstream media is the enemy of the American people… you watch, the PTB will recycle covid for their means/narrative from here on out.

  13. Some here in California are whining about wearing masks. "The government is taking away our freedoms!"
    Guess wha? The government is taking away your freedom to drive on the left side of the road no matter how inconvenient it is for you.
    The government is taking away your freedom to burn down your neighbor's house no matter how much you don't like him.
    The government is taking away your freedom from spitting in everyone's dishes at a restaurant no matter how much it amuses you.
    The government is taking away your freedom to grab any woman you meet by the p** no matter how much you want to.

    Get real, boneheads.

  14. * YAWN * Gotta love all the panicked trolls desperately trying to throw sand in the air. What's the matter, boys? Your salary in jeopardy? Vlad doesn't want this information out, does he?

  15. Well, if people would stop farting around and acting like spoiled brats, and start FOLLOWING THE RULES so we can SURVIVE this goddamn thing, maybe we wouldn't be seeing so much illness and DEATH.

  16. Nonsense
    Do your own research about whether or not there even is a disease. There is enough evidence from enough expert sources to show that there is no disease, people are not dying of c19 but of other ailments that are being lied about as c19, the hospitals are empty. Nothing is as it appears.
    Don’t believe anything you’re told or being shown.
    This is a concerted effort to strip us of freedom, rights, liberty. Just look. The information is available.

  17. you make me sick ,,spreading fear to the American people even going as low as to play some dramatic music to go with your fake sh;t,,, and i bet your life your gonna blame our bad ass President that already got our votes ,, so just make a different channel sale your propaganda somewhere else

  18. Deaths are what count. I'm not seeing a huge spike. Several doctors have come out against the death number totals. We test millions more than China, where's their leadership on refusing to test their country? They have 300% more people than we do.

  19. Smashing windows and burning buildings must be the cure for covid, because the media doesn’t report on masses of people in tight groups and covid if they are doing those things.

  20. more people getting tested obviously more cases being reported. again the media and their manipulation.. smh.. and the background music lmao no wonder people call you FAKE NEWS..


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