As Coronavirus Spreads Aboard Cruise Ship, Passengers Plead For Help | TODAY

As Coronavirus Spreads Aboard Cruise Ship, Passengers Plead For Help | TODAY

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  1. As long as they are selling tickets ,people will buy them even though this happened a month ago ! Now take them to military bases and continue the spread . Now let's wait on the the third set of cruises .

  2. Event 201 was a Coronavirus simulation by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and John Hopkins University back in Oct 2019… ID2020 is going to be the vaccine certificate they need for you to leave the house a.k.a the mark of the beast… please wake up to their deceptions people ❤️❤️❤️

  3. I really don't think it matters at this point. The Diamond Princess quarantine probably caused more infections than it prevented and it did not stop the spread. I think it is inhumane and unconstitutional to prevent citizens from disembarking. However, if they were Nevada residents, I would like them to be tested and self quarantine for the 14 days. Most people can recover at home.

    Why were canned people vessels allowed to leave original ports? Planes are grounded. They knew the way here they know the way back. Buy your supplies and head out. Passengers paid for tickets knowing current news regarding ship quarantine and planes locked out of countries due to pandemic – make a "U" turn, no one owes u anything.

  5. Way toooo suspicious! SIMPLE! GO BACK TO THE COUNTRY OF ORIGIN. This is an attempt to dump people in the US with more infections…wouldn't put it past a couple of $ Dems to use sympathy to make a deal to spread the virus.

  6. Why is the president or taxpayer suppose to pick up the tab for the rich. The ship's corporate offices and the those who purchased the passage are now the responsible parties. Paid your way in…pay your way out!

  7. Ok so now we have another ship coming to Florida, let two in , the others go oh look head to Florida. If 100 or more people are to die yet you save a thousand or more by stopping the ship coming in, what do you do. STOP THE SHIPS COMING IN. Now there in a Petri dish,,,, bet you will not do that again

  8. Politicians already have the blood of 61 million dead babies on their hands. A few more won't bother them in the least. Please pray for an end of the American abortion holocaust and for those trapped on the cruise ships. EVERY life is precious. Born and unborn.


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