Bollywood big actors are against Modi

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Bollywood big actors are against Modi

Bollywood big actors are against Modi
Bollywood big actors are against Modi

Nominated artists from the Indian Shubes Industry, including Nasiruddin Shah, raised a protest against the Modi and its hatred policies from the public and has not requested the BJP to vote.

General elections in India are starting from April 11 this month on the occasion where many political parties including ruling BJP are convinced people to vote for their party.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s hatred policies Apart from the famous Indian actress Naseeruddin Shah and Konkina Sen Sharma, more than 600 theater artists have released a joint statement, in which he has requested the Indian people to hate the hate and anxious community out of power.

About 616 artists, including renowned Bollywood actress Naseeruddin Shah, Konkina Sen Sharma, Ratna Patak, Amol Palekar, Anurag Keshp, Doli Thaker, have been signed on this statement.

The joint statement has been requested in the public to vote against the BJP and its allies and vote for only secular, democratic and official India.

It has been added in the statement that the recent elections are the most important elections in Indian history, so vote for strengthening the weak, to protect freedom, protecting the environment, and scientific thinking.

The ruling Bharatiya Janta party had come to power on the promise of development, but after coming to the government, it gave an open waiver to extremist Hindus to spread hatred and violence 5 years ago, the human being defendered by the nation Millions of people destroyed their policies.

The artists say that India is in danger today, our songs, dance and laughter are in danger today, our constitution is in danger today, they requested the people to help protect our constitution and spread the darkness in India.

Vote to defeat those who spread force and hostility, vote for the BJP and its hate-based politics to get out of force.

It is clear that the process of conducting elections in India from the middle of the current month is going on. Modi has personally directed many artists including Akshay Kumar, Karnohar, AR Rahman, to vote on Twitter.