Brazil surpasses one million coronavirus cases

Brazil surpasses one million coronavirus cases

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  1. Brazil you was populating to fast for the new world order so they need you to want the vaccine bad. It will hinder your reproduction from what the good scientist say. It will probably take 7-10 years to take full effect. Purify your body and soul. Seek/ train for spiritual and physical strength. Unite and think twice before taking a vaccine. I said think twice wink wink

  2. Expecting players to strike is like asking them to be moral and ethical role models. They won't do it because it doesn't benefit them financially everyone wants to be the victim because most people are opportunists and can't see beyond their needs. People will have to start remembering the value of human life. Human life does not have a financial cap…Human life is priceless and every human being has value and purpose which needs to be treasured and protected at any cost. I'm very disappointed in my sister country.

  3. Netflix … BIRD BOX have similarities this pandemic … you see and your gone you go out your ashed … my own always on my own … Santiago & James … from.EAST to WEST travelling the whole HEMISPHERE … take care Mam … the next 100 years will be written in tears … gracias

  4. It is so clear that economy for the rich is more important than living conditions for the common and poor folks. These so much economy is just a economy based on greed where consumers are squeezed for their last penny, whilst CEO's make millions.

  5. When economy is the priority more than the people. Hoping and praying for your recovery soon, Brazil. Much love from the PH.

  6. Shame on Brazil but the fact is most people do not understand the methods of how transmission of a virus is done nevermind personal hygiene and responsibilities to your personal hygienic habits..very sad…The United States has similar problem but it's defined by race because most black communities are not in touch with health care organizations or are not educated enough to comprehend the need for personal responsibility in respect to hygiene in cross-contamination

  7. We feel for you south America, soon your old sister will be outdoing you. Her president is doing campaign again, even making his worshipers sign waivers not to sue him if they get sick. Some faith. Please wash your hands and wear mask people.

  8. Disrespect for patients and families, an official football game taking place while many are hospitalized and dying by their side.

  9. US and Brazil have clowns as their leaders, now its citizens have to bite the bullets. when people warn them, they downplayed the situation.

  10. Senegal and Mali are currently protesting and revolting against their corrupt and authoritarian French governors to step down from power. The people are demanding full independence


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