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Buy houses in Italy only one dollar

Get Home for $1

Buy houses in Italy only one dollar

Buy houses in Italy only one dollar

Buy houses in Italy only one dollar

Rome: Italy: In many countries of Europe, there is a continuation of foreigners in low-population areas, and now in this mountainous town of Sisley, a hill town of Italy, is one of the dozens of castle vacant houses in Sambo. Dollar is set.

In 2015, even in 2015, the villagers were known to sell houses in one of the empty villages of Janaji. This time, the residents of Sambo, 40 miles from Palermo city, offer a population of only 6,000. Here, resident youths have turned big cities to employment and are elderly or their population is also decreasing.

Similarly, another village gravitol has also been empty. Only 300 people live here and 600 houses are empty. It is fear that this area will become Bhutut Nagar and on this the people have also given many schemes to live in the houses.

Italy’s population is rapidly decreasing its records, and Steven Mussher, associated with the population research research, says that there have been several measures taken in this manner, but they did not have any special advantage. Now people from around the world have been invited to become property owners in Italy.

Email tata

In Italy’s response to a home-made Korean state, Italy has received thousands of emails from around the world. They include people from Dubai, Barcelona, ​​New York and other countries of the world. According to the Deputy Mayor of Sambo, he has received 39,000 emails from around the world, in which some people have also offered to buy all the houses.

But repair is your responsibility

Although the cost of a house under Italy’s offer is an edge-plate, but the rest of the matters are not easy. The buyer will submit $ 5600 in security deposit before buying a dollar house. After that, the house should be repaired and renovated, which can cost up to $ 17,000 and the buyer will have to work in three years. After that, security deposit will be returned after which there will be permission to stay there.

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