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Cargo train of Pakistan, Iran and Turkey restored after 10 years

Cargo train service between Pakistan, Iran and Turkey has been restored after 10 years. The cargo train will reach the dry port of Islamabad on March 16 after covering a distance of 6,500 km in 12 days.

Pakistan Railways has completed preparations for the reception of the cargo train. The cargo train will have the capacity to deliver 750 metric tons of goods.

However, the first train left Istanbul on March 4 for Islamabad and will reach Islamabad on March 16.

The train, which will start its journey from Istanbul, will travel from the Iranian city of Zahedan via Quetta and Sukkur to Islamabad, where it will be received by Railway Minister Azam Khan Swati. The train will return on March 19.

The cargo train will leave on the first Thursday of every month. The length of this train is 420 meters. The cargo train will travel 90 hours to Iran and 135 hours from Iran to Pakistan.

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