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Chinese vaccine trial successful in Pakistan

As the third phase of the medical trial of the Chinese-made vaccine against corona in Akstan draws to a close, no serious side effects have been reported by all vaccination volunteers, according to government officials.

According to Dr. Ghazala Parveen, Head of Vaccine Production at the National Institutes of Health, the trial requires 18,000 volunteers across Pakistan.

So far, more than 16,000 people have been recruited.

According to Dr. Ijaz Khan, senior researcher on vaccine trials at a private international hospital, different sections of Pakistan took part in the trials.

Parveen said, however, that a Canadian laboratory would conduct a final analysis of the vaccine’s performance.

It is hoped that its analytical report will be available in late February or early March.

Dr. Umaira Naseer of the National Institutes of Health said that a medical trial is being conducted on Pakistani people in the Pakistani climate. Prepared on
Preparations to bring Chinese-made corona vaccine to Pakistan have entered the final stages. The approval meeting is likely to be held next week. Pakistan will purchase 1.2 million doses of corona vaccine from Cyanoform.

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