Coronavirus: Are Our Scientists Lying To Us?

Coronavirus: Are Our Scientists Lying To Us?

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  1. just watched your video for the second time., and realize by due diligence you are not a virologist. i would feel a lot better if a virologist supported your conclusion about being man made. is there any know virologist that support your video and if so please name them, i am in belief that is is a man made or modified virus but would like to verify without doubt., too many fake video circulating

  2. It's a virus that mutated on its own in the wild, then crossed over to humans.
    That's such a common event and makes more sense than all these conspiracy theories.

  3. Would be interesting what a neutral and honest scientist/ virologist would say to that. As I understand it, this guy is some business specialist. But of course he can have educated himself in Virology.

  4. You have all the valid evidence to support the hypothisis/ theory, that virus can be man manipulated and created. I knew this BEFORE I ever saw any of this (And I know little about virus RNA or viral replication tech.) I also do racall that laws were put in place, allowing experimental gene manipulation to occur. Was it for experiments to help heal? Probably …. So now … my main concern is what can be done to treat irradicate COVID -19 — without creating yet another virulant pathogen? THANKS for exposing the B/S and who knows why or how it got loose? not important at this point except to say–how can we ensure it neved occurs (again).

  5. This virus is COMPLETELY NATURAL and NOT MAN-MADE AT ALL! This is BULLSHIT! Osterholm and Fauci are COMPLETELY CORRECT along with William Gallaher! Chris is a QUACK and a FRAUD!

  6. Wow.. the detail of the plug in you described is tangible to me. I have suspected such programs for operating much of our past. I posted a link to this program and others under Update News & Events under images at and sharing via social media. I think you identified the smoking gun. “How did that polybasic furin cleavage site PRRA get into Covid 19?” Thank you for expertise and integrity. We will update our resource page on this topic called "The Evolution of Pandemics"

  7. In « The good fight » they would say that you « built a compelling case » but that « it is not possible to indict without the shadow of a doubt ». When you look at the Coronavirus generation tree, do you see the yellow wedge within the pink area? See, these things happen! Virus mix and mutate. Actually that’s what a virus does: it replicates so quickly that it exponentially expands its ability to mutate. Surprise! The missing piece of the Covid19 genome is not a proof that it has been messed with, just that it has mutated. Wss it man made? It could very well have. But that’s not a proof. And you’re right that the opposite view is, for the same reason, not provable. Mathematical models are just that: models. They are not reality. Again, you make a compelling case for a manipulation and a scientific experiment gone wrong but you’re a man of science and should be WAY MORE carefull to what you put out there. You’re fueling conspiracy theories. Not saying there is no truth in it, but remember what your mother used to tell you when you were a toddler: turn your tongue 7 times in your mouth before you speak…

  8. One criticism I have is with your assessment that this should not be researched because it could get out. What if scientist couldn’t research old viruses because they might get out? That argument could be used for any research on deadly viruses and diseases. We can still learn things. That’s what level 4 labs and what not are all about. You should have basically 100% protection from some one accidentally infecting themselves or another and being able to leave the lab. Someone with more experience than myself could probably make an argument for why this research is helpful for one. And another thing is I don’t think that gene being there is necessarily an insertion. As mentioned there could be a not yet discovered missing link virus that we still haven’t found. I need to continue looking into this for sure but everything I am finding is saying the insertion gene would have been not from the bat species virus, it needs another step to get to human transmissible. So the fact the bat version is missing that would be expected. Finding the exact organism or species population that was infected with the bat version of the virus and then made it human transmissible is the missing link. I don’t see how we couldn’t still find that version out in the Wild. And it should look like a combination of the bat version and the insertion genes. I don’t believe you have convinced me that the insertion gene “must have” been done in a lab.

  9. @Peak Prosperity Are you saying around 42 minutes its basically impossible to tell that the virus wasn't created in a lab because people can make a new virus "from scratch"? Are there any methods possibly to completely prove it then?

    great longth extensive video, can you please make a video to specifically address recent cases like this, I see you talked about one.

    also these:

    I'd suggest a video, "Disproving all theories that coronavirus lab leak is fake" something like that?

  11. True! From Aids research come new viruses, it is being spreading for 20+ years worldwide, mainly in the US, according Venerable Master Hsuan Hua . China viruses are different TYPES…..there are at least 21 types spreading and causing serious problems….a few types are very deadly..COMING SOON ACCORDING TO PROPHECIES…..🙏


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