Coronavirus: Good for the environment? | Covid-19 Special

Coronavirus: Good for the environment? | Covid-19 Special

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  1. Money is a social construct, the wildlife and animal freedom isn't.. What is also real is our health.. And we need to keep it! Maybe this will finally make up re think capitalism, consumism and over production

  2. Great video truthers EVER. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  3. corona virus is change the world because to muach population, crime , justice is unfair, rich people like donald trump are very spoiled people we poor people are no remedy for this world the people have lot of money are very powerfull but God is very power

  4. Isn't it obvious how to combat climate change while solving the economic issues of the pandemic? just make everyone that can work from home, keep doing it. Force corporations to do so, for instance every digital designer, software engineer can work from home, and should work from home, or from a coworking space at walking distance from home.

  5. Interesting also that fertility rates are in decline worldwide, so possibly the world population may see a natural decline over the next half century, giving natural environment (flora and fauna) more of a chance to restore a healthier balance of our planet…

  6. All of us have some curiosity that how the economy will work after the corona epedemic end?
    Here's how it will pan out-

    – Everyone will soon realize they need to return to normal life asap.

    – various analysis show that we're moving into an unavoidable and unprecedented recession

    – market actors acknowledge that the impact of an economic recession is imminent

    – markets react in weird ways due to external shock to global economy

    – lock downs are quickly removed as fear of economical downturn rises, accepting the virus to spread.

    – consumers remain frightened, economy doesn't pick up as expected.

    – multiple countries start experiencing mass layoffs and bankruptcies due to economic impact.

    – a broad range of industries are dealing with an enormous, simultaneous and sudden decline in offer and demand, causing further insecurity.

    – corporations and consumers hold back investments and consumption due to unsafe economic climate

    – investors and individuals begin moving assets due to fear of economic collapse

    – stock markets crash, panic breaks out in various markets and countries due to economic decline.

    – economic downturn becoming a self fulfilling prophecy and global economy collapses.

    – governments struggle over adapting policies further creating insecurity in global economy (ongoing)

    -civil wars within borders.

    – end of the global economy as we know it.

  7. So beautiful .When the evil humans are locked away like animals,the animals and nature are in freedom .Sad that so many humane have to die though

  8. Becoming Infected by the COVID-19

    When a person infected with COVID (Corona Virus Disease) -19 coughs or sneezes and all those droplets that contain COVID-19 viruses become suspended in the surrounding air for several minutes (depending on your surroundings), a mask like a woodworker’s dust mask won’t prevent all the minuscule wet droplets that contain the virus from finding their way around the edges of your mask when you inhale. Those masks do not seal tightly enough to your face to prevent blow-by.

    The only way to avoid contracting the virus is to avoid infected droplets that infected people have coughed or sneezed into the air.
    Infected people may have NO SYMPTOMS and still be contagious and able to infect you.
    The best way by far to avoid becoming infected is to STAY HOME. If you feel you HAVE to go out, then yes, cover your face with a mask or anything else that might help block airborne virus.

    People who are infected but have no symptoms may work in restaurants. They may infect the food they prepare and so… infect you, and then you could infect everyone you come into contact with. Nobody knows how infectious this virus is or whether people with no symptoms can infect others. Don't eat food from restaurants! The state of the economy won't matter if you’re dead.

    You are not likely to become infected by touching the virus with your fingers. The virus enters your body not through your skin but through your mouth, or the mucus membranes of your nose and your eyes.
    Sanitizer is the second best preventative. You can wash it off your hands in 30 seconds. Use soap!

    The president, the governors of the different states… Except for the governors states hard hit (New York, Illinois, Louisiana) of they’re all concerned about how best to handle this pandemic in a way that balances health concerns with economic concerns… and that’s their job. It’s a series of complicated and tough decisions and there’s no precedence for them less than 100 years old. The governors of other states will be desperate soon and will change their tune.
    They’re political concerns are different from our personal concerns.

    Multiple governors have failed their constituents in an effort to protect their economies, and will eventually have killed many, many people in that process. Ignore what they tell you and do everything you can to protect yourselves and your children according to what you know. It's 7th grade biology!

    Pass this message on to those you care about!

  9. Animals are in the streets – there will come a day when there will be no food. The animals in the field will have no food. These critters, beasts – locusts, crickets, ants, worms, all types of crawling insects and flying things, will go where there is food. "They" do not discriminate against their food source. They will not compete with humans in their struggle for food. They will descend and descend upon us in our ears, hair. Form a relationship with God NOW. Make sure God claims you as His child – not that you claim God ! In those times the poor will have to teach the rich how to do with out. When there IS no food, God, our Eternal Father WILL feed you with manna from Heaven. In Jesus' name.

  10. It's really time for us, humans, to be more adapted to the beautiful environment! To find better ways to live and let other animals live too! It's time to be more creative than ever

  11. And scientist wonder whatever happened to the ancient civilization like the mayans, Egyptians any other civilization that we are currently digging up. Soon our civilization will be wiped out and being dug by a new civilization all thanks to CCP

  12. A locked down should be adopted from humanity for a few days eatch year to give earth a chance.
    Seeing the air pollution in big cities of China I'm like, OH MY GOD how people do live there?


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