Coronavirus is not the flu. It's worse.

Coronavirus is not the flu. It's worse.

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  1. So why isn’t Russia or Africa having the covid19 problem? I don’t hear anything about those countries also why nobody talks about the recoveries , people who had the virus and recovered everybody focuses on the mortality not the survival rate

  2. The figure here are utter nonsense standard winter flu kills a lot more than this little virus will they just don’t report it because it’s not even news worthy , more scaremongering nonsense

  3. Here is my problem with this. If this virus spreads before it shows symptoms and it is far more contagious than the flu, how come it hasn't infected far more people by now? We don't even try to stop the flue as we know it is unstoppable, it goes through the population in a few months. A vast number of the population gets it and some studies estimate 600 thousands deaths per year. Now if we know that this virus can spread quicker and there is no immunity yet in the population, then it is quite safe to argue that this disease has already infected tens of millions if not hundreds of millions. Therefore it is natural to see a far larger number of acute cases at once. Hence the overwhelmed hospitals. But for the same reason, it will run out of ground much quicker than the seasonal flue. Imperial College of London has modeled the disease and came to a conclusion, that in Europe it has already infected a minimum of 8 but likely 45-50 million already. If we had such a sudden surge in normal flue cases in a few weeks, you would see the same number of pneumonia in the hospitals. Add on that this is a new virus.. Mortality rate will be around 0,2% according to modeling, when it is all said and done.

  4. Congratulations Vox for admitting this. Because at the beginning you were saying it was basically exactly the flu. But then you criticise Trump for not taking action soon enough, saying his shutting the border to China was "racist". How about always reporting the facts instead of TDS? How's that for an idea?

  5. Social distancing is the need of the hour…but when we see the American politicians (even Anthony Fauci) are standing so close without masks addressing such close gatherings and asking others to be serious makes it strange and ridiculous!😷

  6. Vox why are you making a video which so heavily relies on the R0 of the disease for a virus that we still know very little about. The R0 of SARS-COV-2 is so unpredictable at this moment in time when compared to the flu.

    It's far more deadly than the flu due to the way that it multiplies within the body and causes tissue necrosis. Additionally as a front line health care practitioner I've seen acute severe rapid decline in patients with Covid-19, some cases we are talking about fully fit and mobile patients who are on ventilators within 12 hours. The rate at which this infection can take hold and the damage it causes, especially to those patience in high risk categories, is definitely far more damaging than the flu.

    I'm surprised you've published this video focusing so heavily on the R0, this is one of the factors we know least about the virus currently.

    You talk about asymptomatic transmission and transmission during the incubation period, this is extremely rare, the WHO even states this is negligible in terms of it's affect on the spread of the infection.

    Even moving on when you talk about heard immunity effect, this is again negligible for the spread of the flu. People that have already had the flu and or had the vaccination they can still catch and transmit the infection. The effects of herd immunity are also negligible unless seen in very high percentages.

    I think the moral of the story here Vox is that you are not scientists and you are not healthcare professionals, you should have consulted those people more closely when producing this video and I think you've focused on the wrong aspects to convey to the viewer.

  7. The statistics change every couple of days to weeks. In the beginning, I remember exactly, everyone was saying the mortality rate of the flu ist about 1% (1, 2 if I remember correctly) and the mortality of COVID is about 2 % (1,8 if I remember correctly). Now they're flipping it around. I don't trust these statistics because they do not seem reliable.

  8. Anagram for corona virus – Carnivorous. ….. 50,000 died of flu in the UK winter of 2018 – look up the patent for cv

  9. Anyone who doesn't believe it's dangerous, I hope you read this.I hope you, your family, and friends get it. Best of luck

  10. In the comments…
    Guys, guys.

    Ignorance is bliss.

    Don't just watch this VOX video.

    Research it on your own.

    It's really not that dangerous to begin with.

    Just yesterday, the 3rd of April, more than 30K people died out of HUNGER alone.

    For the past THREE months – 60K people have died 'due' to this virus.
    People that have had multiple, multiple other deadly and fatal diseases.

    Research it on your own.

  11. That’s what annoys me when people say “it’s just the flu”. People fail to realise just how terrible it is to have the flu.

  12. Yes sickness was made by the usa think abt it every time it was something goin on between counties it would come something big like this I didnt made this up look it on google Facebook abt why this pandemic is still going especially when is a problem btw countries


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