Country preparing for the worst in handling coronavirus cases | WNT

Country preparing for the worst in handling coronavirus cases | WNT

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  1. Headline Misprint should say US Preparing for the results of the worse handling of the Corona Virus! It's kinda like 911 when bush got the word about the tower and did nothing for 5mins; when we look back it's going to hard to deny your involvement to the world based on your actions!

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  4. I think the US will hit over 100,000 cases and over 5,000 deaths. Maybe alot more if we dont take this more serious than we are. Time to turn the faucet all the way off.

  5. This Corona virus is going to test America and the world , , , if things get bad enough I think people will become more dangerous than the virus itself , , , the Bible warn that these days would come , , , and real Christians know the outcome according to the Bible , , , people will be wishing they had left praying in schools , , , I bet a lot of people will be praying now

  6. Unknown infectious Diseases are everywhere happening everyday in the world you never know when it happens around you (new diseases are always developing new forms unknown to human in the beginning anytime anywhere) !!!! Such as the one "H1N1 virus" happened in USA , ignorant by all americans in the beginning in 2009, having killed 284500 people in USA, Canada & all over the world.
    However, Very much surprised and weird that the West inclined to get excited and like to report in a very high profile when problems concerning other countries "natural challenges" such as this one happening in China now.

    Now this time more and more Flu patients have been discovered to be Covid19 patients after more Covid 19 tests are conducted on these Flu patients in USA and Europe and other parts of the world.

    Then recently just since Last year "s Flu season, more than 10000000 infected (In USA, most doctors never conducted Coronavirus Test for patients infected with Flu because patients are needed to pay thousands of dollars) while 5000 people died of Flu / pneumonia related diseases in USA alone (probably some of these deaths are caused by Covid19). More than 100 thousands people (particularly old people) died in other countries in the West (all over whole Europe, particularly Italy, France, Germany, Iran, Korea, Japan ) or in the world for Pneumonia infectious related diseases, but west media reported such diseases or sickness in a very low profile.

    This is simply just a new type of Pneumonia (ie. Caused by so called corona virus) recently discovered in China, so no strange and be calm and have confidence on the highly efficiently mobilized and action centralised Chinese Government which have great knowledge and experience able to handle such natural challenges of New Pneumonia (Corona virus) in a really professional way like other similar incidents happened before internationally. Such as China "s ability to mobilize all Chinese citizens, medical staff from the military, all civil servants and etc to fight against this virus invasion in the way to fight against foreign invasion wars of any kinds.

    In fact, though it might be a little unfortunate for China, yet it can give a good chance for China to have a full practical national training in fighting against a war similar to biological terrorism attacks from China "s hostile Super opponents. Salute to those medical professionals and other people in other sectors work together in China and other parts or the world to fight against this natural challenges and they can overcome all difficulties facing them. After overcoming this new natural challenges again, I would believe that China would have great confidence to become the most sophisticated nation in handling all kinds of new developing infectious diseases happening all over the world everyday.

    Cheer to all Chinese people and their outstandingly centralized Govt having stood calm, then with immediate remedial actions taken since the outbreak of these new discovered virus !!! Just 16 years ago, the Chinese Govt united together with all their 1.4 billions patriotic citizens had overcome the SARS challenges very well, this time for sure they can handle this Less Critical natural challenges. Let us just pray for those who have suffered from this New Pneumonia and try to help each other to prevent from any kinds of diseases happened in any countries in the world !!!

    Every country has a chance (maybe next turn is your country) to have new kinds of diseases infected and spreading around the world, so never complain others but show your help if you so wish or just show your sympathy by heart if you are busy instead of spreading rumors against a country which is now nationally busy in taking the natural challenges !!!! Let us pray if you are Christian !!! Amen !!!

  7. Early response screenings at airports could have stopped large number of infections.

    Unfortunately, the top office claimed it was a hoax. Sad days in our history.

  8. Stop going to the hospital unless you really have too. Aches, fever not enough. Hard time breathing, lightheadedness, yes. Most people can ride out the symptoms at home. Hydrate, Hydrate, rest, Tylenol or Motrin.

  9. True China has nearly overcome the coronavirus,since i live there, I clearly see the situation goes well in China.And people living in west can t imaging testing and treating is totally free in China. It s sad to see western media and people remain prejudice and ignore the cost and effort every Chinese citizen made.

  10. ok America, be cool and practice your social distancing, wear masks and gloves, wash your hands and be safe. I reckon your in for it especially in NYC but it will get better as S Korea and China are proving just got to do the tough yards for now as we all do on this planet…best of luck and god bless. ✌️

    and a little perspective "Globally, the World Health Organization(WHO) estimates that the flu kills 290,000 to 650,000 people per year."


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