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Criticism of those who show off in the name of helping Amna Elias

Actress Amna Ilyas has sharply criticized those who show off in the name of help.

The actress released a video of herself on Instagram in an attempt to show that people do not forget to show off even while helping someone financially and share photos by taking pictures without caring about anyone’s whitewashing.

In the caption with the video, Amna Ilyas confronts the pretenders and says that it is better to give alms in silence but this act of theirs is for their pride, remember that you are fulfilling someone’s need. Not fulfilling their need.

Amna Elias also said that the next time you help someone, do not take a picture. At the same time, she wrote the meaning of the famous hadith of the Holy Prophet (PBUH): Give alms in such a way that if you give it with the right hand, the left hand will not even know it “

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