Disclosure of the presence of dangerous chemicals

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Disclosure of the presence of dangerous chemicals in children’s diapers
Ordering diapers companies in France to stop using chemicals within 15 days

Paris: France’s Ministry of Health has revealed the presence of a dangerous chemical ‘Gloomy Fast’ in the diapers of children, which may cause infant cancer.

According to the International News Agency, the French National Health Agency has claimed that the diapers of children were analyzed on the local and global laboratory, which revealed the presence of dangerous chemicals in diapers. This chemical does not have the risk of children’s lives, but this can cause chemical infant cancer.

France’s Ministry of Health, Finance and Environment have given 15 days to eliminate this risk and ordered the manufacturing companies to eliminate the presence of dangerous chemicals.

More from the health ministry, it has been said that diapers also contains some chemicals for perfume, which are suggested to be closed when emphasized on endangered chemicals.

It is clear that the globe phosphate also hazarded the health and environment which is already being announced by the World Health Organization WHO that it could be a risk of skin cancer.