Do you know how many calories a healthy person needs daily?

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Whenever it comes to staying fit and energetic, fatigue, obesity, “calories” are definitely mentioned. The word is not new to our hearing, but it is possible that most of us do not have a specific outline or image in our minds when we hear it. Let’s make it easy for you.

The unit of heat is called calorie. According to medical science, this is the amount of heat that increases the temperature of one kilogram of water by one centigrade.

Every human body needs these calories differently and it depends on the physical exertion of any human being.

It can be understood that people who work harder or do more physical work need more calories and those who work in offices and in a quiet environment need less calories than them.

As calorie requirements vary according to the use of force. In the same way, a person needs heat in terms of his age, height and his hard work.

When it comes to our diet, the number of calories varies. Ghee oil and fat contain more calories than any other food.

One kilogram of body weight requires one calorie per hour. A person who does not do any kind of work other than performing routine needs 2500 calories daily.

According to nutritionists, if an individual is active on average, he will need 3,000 calories, while a hard worker will need 4,500 calories or more.