Dozens of drones flying and charging simultaneously

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Drone stunts with small and colorful lights are now commonplace. Such drones ask for electricity again and again, and now Italian engineers have developed a quadcopter-checking sheet at once.

It is called the Flying Drone Blanket, developed by the Italian company Carlo Rati Associates in collaboration with the drone maker Flyfire.

Each of these sheets can be wrapped and placed in a bag. If necessary, they can be opened and re-laid on the ground.

It can easily charge 16 quadcopters at a time and all drones can be charged from the same power supply.

If there are more drones, one, two, three or more sheets can be folded together and countless drones can be mounted on them.

In this way, it is possible to charge 10,000 drones at a time. Each drone rotates at a 45 degree angle and then lands on the sheet at 45 degrees for charging.

It is specially designed for light drones. These drones fly in the air together and create a variety of beautiful designs.

They can also be used for light shows and advertisements.

But apart from sports spectacles, many drones are now being used for mapping, crop management and other purposes. Drone sheets can be equally useful in this regard.