Dr. Anthony Fauci To Self-Quarantine After Coronavirus Exposure | Sunday TODAY

Dr. Anthony Fauci To Self-Quarantine After Coronavirus Exposure | Sunday TODAY

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  1. Can he stay there and never come out? And please, let's make sure he's SUPER SAFE and give him like 5 vaccines at once once they are available.

  2. It’s all fake news on television!You don’t know who/what to believe nowadays.On The bright side people are waking up and are starting to see all the bs that’s being said regarding the issue.

  3. Only one day for mothers ?How sad ! What about the other 64 days ? Mothers exist only for one day a year ?They should be respected every day of the year why on earth is there a thing called ' mother day ' ?sorry ,364 days ? 'Mothers day ! 'How dumb !

  4. When the unemployment was low the media don’t give any credit to mr trump but now the only thing said how high is the unemployment , cuz all this corrupt people how fucci knew in 2017 was coming a surprise pandemia he has cristal ball this getting ridiculous , if this state don’t open we going to be in real trouble

  5. ★★★Dr Anthony Fauci is the SMARTEST Scientist to hold TOP posts in USA for many years for his research on AIDS, but he has miserably FAILED to provide any cure for AIDS in 35 years. With Bill Gates as PARTNER now, Dr Anthony Fauci is BOASTING about finding a VACCINE for COVID-19 very soon.

  6. ★★★Dr Anthony Fauci's GREATEST DEEDS are in contradicting President Donald Trump's statements on COVID-19 & in SABOTAGING Trump's strategy on tackling COVID-19. So, Dr Anthony Fauci shall certainly SUCCEED in making Donald Trump suffer a MASSIVE CRUSHING DEFEAT in the American Presidential elections in November 2020.

  7. Canada is re-opening their schools and he says we can't even re-open in the fall. This guy has Globalist Boot Licker practically stamped on his forehead

  8. Chuck Todd – The face of bias in media politics, recently caught and called out for editing video of William Barr to fit his personal narrative. I find this guy the biggest punk in media and NBC puts him as moderator of meet the biased press.

  9. GO WATCH NBC LIVE RIGHT NOW!!! A man just ran out of the room he was in with FAUCI supposedly “quaratined”!!!! The man was alerted somehow that he was seen in the mirror behind FAUCI and quickly got u and left the room!!! They’re LYING!!!!!!! This was live!!!!!! Go watch ASAP!!!!!! Watch from around 1:05!!! Share asap before the evil beast system scrubs it!!!


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