Eat fruits twice a day, vegetables three times a day, get rid of diseases!

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We know the innumerable benefits of vegetables and fruits. Now the news is that if you get in the habit of eating fruits twice a day and vegetables three times a day, it will help to drive away diseases and prolong life.

A report published in the American Heart Association’s journal Circulation surveys 2 million people worldwide.

According to the survey, eating vegetables and fruits can prevent dangerous diseases such as cancer, blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes.

Professor Dong Wang of Harvard Medical School and Bergham & Women’s Hospital, a key member of the research team, says experts have previously focused on eating vegetables and fruits, but now unusually extensive research has helped determine the exact amount. Is.

In this regard, the medical staff and one million people involved in nursing have been surveyed for 30 years. In addition, 26 studies from 29 different countries were reviewed. The survey read data from about 1.9 million people.

Thus, the dietary habits of a total of 2 million people and their diseases have been examined.

Scientists say that it is beneficial to eat a small amount of fruit five times a day and there is no significant benefit in eating more than that. It is important to include vegetables three times and fruits twice.

Statistically, the consumption of fruits and vegetables saves 13% of diseases and can prevent premature death.

Similarly, the risk of heart disease can be reduced by 12% and the death rate from cancer by 10%.

Eating fruits and vegetables is most beneficial in respiratory diseases, meaning that regular consumption can reduce the risk of respiratory diseases and diseases such as COPD by up to 35%.

But experts say there are no significant benefits to using potatoes, peas, corn and fruit juices alone. However, the use of leafy vegetables, spinach, and juicy fruits can also be very useful.