Establishment should stay away from political battles or be ready for conflicts, Bilawal said

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Pakistan Peoples Party Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has said that the elected Prime Minister has failed to resign as per the PDM deadline and the Establishment should now leave the political game to the politicians or be ready for controversy.

In his tweet, he said that the respite given to the Prime Minister to resign was in fact a dignified opportunity for his illegitimate government.

By resigning in a dignified manner, the Prime Minister could have promoted democracy through free and fair elections.

He said that this government has imposed historical poverty, unemployment and inflation on the people.

The united opposition must now remove the puppets at all costs. Pakistan Peoples Party believes in democratic process.

Continued joint efforts inside and outside parliament will surely lead to success.

“I hope the issue of the long march and the no-confidence motion will be discussed in our PDM meetings,” he said.

The government’s frustration with the change in the law to avoid its clear defeat in the Senate elections has become apparent.

He said that the Establishment should now leave the issue of political battles to the politicians or risk themselves in conflict. Only a government elected by the people can serve the people.