Europe Suppressed The Coronavirus. The U.S. Has Not. | All In | MSNBC

Europe Suppressed The Coronavirus. The U.S. Has Not. | All In | MSNBC

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  1. How can MSDNC be so ignorant? There are case spikes in China and Europe. In Germany it was in a meat packing plant. We are testing 5x a much. So take Europe's testing and multiply and the numbers are a lot closer. Liberal cities cannot be controlled though-leftists cannot learn from history or the present. Teaching them to wash is very difficult.

  2. — "Socialism doesn't work!"
    — "But the Western European and Nordic countries are doing great with it."
    — "That's not real socialism! They're basically capitalist."
    — "Okay, let's adopt their policies then."
    — "No, that's socialism."

  3. We need to develop more clearly our understanding of 'Genocide' as we live under Herr trump's leadership: "Genocide is the intentional action to destroy a people—usually defined as an ethnic, national, racial, or religious group—in whole or in part." With over 121,000 Americans dead, Herr trump's intentional negligence, his intentional ignorance, his intentional arrogance, his intentional disinformation, and his intentional petulance are the basis for the genocide taking place in America today. This racist leader intentionally put American lives at risk with his self-congratulatory rallies! Herr trump is intentionally ignoring the scientific advice and recommendations! He needs to be charged with genocide!🤬🤬🤬

  4. I don't hate Americans. I hate the virus. We in Canada do not want the virus to flare up again after all we've been through because of american tourists from the epicenter of the pandemic. I hope you understand.

  5. Here in Europe we have political leaders who are intelligent. The political leader in the USA would struggle to score 90 on an IQ test. This explains everything.

  6. My fellow commentators are correct. What this dogmatic 🇺🇸 should have done is #1 banned all beaches till later #2 stopped all of the riots & demonstrations looting etc.which have accounted for multiple millions overall being possibly getting that bad rash of a virus thereby making the situation worse #3 enforcing the gen health guidelines to help flatten then lower the numbers to lower acceptable cases Europe was aggressive its the only way to stop it .that an a vaccine that would eliminated the need for strict enforcement .but a lock down is unacceptable it could cripple our country for good civil war could come about & no one wants that cept those that hate the American dream

  7. Complete and utter trash MSNBC. Propoganda network. 3% of the deaths are people under 40. Anyone who looks at the data and wants to hide in their basement probably eats tide pods and rubs cactuses anyway.

  8. After watching this video, I told mom about these comments blaming Trump for not doing anything, but think about it. Most people, especially those at large gathering areas, are usually not following the rules of wearing masks and social distancing. Because this virus spreads easily from person to person, people could get sick easily by not following these rules. So (Not trying to be offensive), don't try to blame Trump for everything about this virus thing, we should all take the blame because most of us are not practicing these distancing/mask rules.

  9. Bob Dylan, updated: "Oh, it WOULD NOT be, a lonely TASK, if EVERYBODY gotta WEAR A MASK ! & ya don't want DISEASE ? No need to ask…EVERYBODY, Come on, WEAR your Mask !"

  10. Why weren't you reporting this when BLM protesters gathered in the tens of thousands? No, you wait until Trump's rally. And why aren't you reporting on the number of tests we've done. It's not the infected that is important. We were supposed to flatten the curve to avoid overrunning hospitals. We did that. Now we have to let the virus run its course through the population. Otherwise, the Democrats will want us to stay home until next year and force vaccinate us. You are a corrupt news agency controlled by the far left. Fake news is right!


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