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Facebook bug explained log in again after the accounts were logged out

Yesterday, thousands of Facebook accounts were automatically logged out and the user could not log in again despite all possible efforts, but now Facebook experts have eliminated this problem.

The Facebook administration has apologized to thousands of users through its social media accounts and emails, announcing that the problem of not logging in to accounts has now been resolved.

This problem arose when the configuration of Facebook was changed.

The Facebook administration praised its team of experts and engineers, saying that the configuration chnage had caused these accounts to be unexpectedly logged out and that the problem had been solved in just a few hours.

The Facebook administration apologized to the affected users and said that they were sorry for the inconvenience caused to the users.

These users complained that their account was automatically logged out and is no longer signed in.

Facebook experts say iPhone users have been the hardest hit by the configuration change, with Facebook’s iOS app users having difficulty re-logging into their accounts when two-factor authentication is verified. Had to do but now they can easily log on.

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