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Freedom means war, China warns Taiwan

China has warned Taiwan that independence means war.

China has launched military exercises near Taiwan, dubbed “Freedom means War,” and has warned Taiwan that Chinese forces are holding military exercises in response to foreign provocations and interventions are doing.

A Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman said in a weekly briefing on military exercises that Taiwan is an integral part of China, while the activities of Chinese forces are a very important step in view of the security situation and necessary to protect the country’s sovereignty.

There is also a clear response to pro-independence forces in Taiwan who are spreading foreign intervention and provocation.

The Defense Ministry spokesman added that pro-independence elements in Taiwan wanted to warn that Taiwan’s independence meant war, so those who were playing with fire would burn themselves.

The Chinese government fears that Taiwan’s democratically elected government is moving towards a formal declaration of independence, but the Taiwanese president has repeatedly said that Taiwan is an independent country called the “Republic of China.”

In addition, China has repeatedly stated that Taiwan is a very sensitive and important issue for it, while a few days ago, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said in a statement that China stands by its promise to refrain from interfering in Taiwan. If not, the United States will have to pay a “heavy price.”

Therefore, China will impose sanctions on some US officials.

It should be noted that China declares Taiwan as its province while Taiwan claims to be a free, independent and democratic country.

Relations between China and Taiwan have always been strained, while Taiwan is not a member of the United Nations.

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