Growth In Coronavirus Cases Shifts To Outbreaks Across U.S. | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Growth In Coronavirus Cases Shifts To Outbreaks Across U.S. | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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  1. Tough time for America. Virus is rapidly mutating , symptoms are also not consistent.Oneof the top countries,USA is facing such a bad hit. Many countries put confidence on USA for help. But in this scenario those countries are also feeling more helpless. Globaly we are becoming weak. but we have to stand stay positive. As all are one.
    Staying positive at home is tough seeing this. This rapid confident booster video might help us.

  2. As of yesterday may 5 America was 41st in worst cases per capita PER CAPITA !! And they’re testing per capita is fifth worldwide overall Per capita ,
    Please do not tell me Trump did a good job

  3. America has not yet made the top 15 nations for corona virus and its way way way behind UK, Sweden and the netherlands. With almost no scope to catch up to these nations. Even though America is more travelled to (in the hundreds percentiles) and better networked and the cost of lockdown for the American economy is greater that the total economy value of many many many 1st world nations combined. Trump did GREAT job. He stoped flights from Wuhan days before ANY other nations , unfortunaly a flight from Europe came in to New York (65% off ALL USA cases occure within 200 miles of New York). If you ommit a 200 mile radius from New York in your statistcs you have the LOWEST 1st world country in a linked continent the ABSOLOUTE LOWEST bottom of the bottom per capita. So statistically there is no safer place to be than in America 200 miles out of New York.

  4. Rachel, I believe we have a CDC, a NIH and a Walter Reed set of facilities in this country with massive budgets. We have federal grants in almost every research university in this country. The massive failure you speak to goes back 10-15 years. Somebody dropped the ball a long time ago. They dropped it again and again, annually, leading into 2018, 2019 and 2020. The first SARS was 2003. Why does this country, today, not have an adequate capacity to create safe, reliable, quick-answer test kits by the millions, derived from plants in this country, meeting federal standards. Not talking about a mail-it-in kit and wait a week for the result, and it gets mixed up with somebody else's test in the overworked lab – kit. The blame is to be spread in many directions. It would have been a lot cheaper to hire BRILLIANT people, at double or triple pay, and insure that we protect this nation properly. Generals tell the colonels what needs to be done to protect the country. The colonels set the plan in motion and kick butt. Then on it goes down the line – until it happens.

  5. Where'd you get your extremely wrong numbers of 780 for Pine Bluff, Arkansas. Today, May 6, 2020, the count is for the whole county, not just Pine Bluff, 198 cases, 120 recovered, 19 deaths. Arkansas has no martial law lock down, people know what to do. We do not feel oppressed by gov. overreach. The New York experience just isn't happening here.

  6. These people will keep saying anything to keep everyone afraid. They want to take away your job and your house, and leave you passed out on a park bench with a needle in your arm, nothing to eat except meatless soup from the homeless shelter. Never forget what they've done.

  7. Just so we ALL are not hoodwinked and bamboozled, if we don't pull the plug on this "swamp," thousands more will needlessly die! And yes, there are sadly many dumb people in this country encouraged by the dumbest. Rarely do I go out other than the occasional walking trip to the grocery store when I can't get what I need/what online. And when I have (2x since March), I wore a face mask and kept a reasonable distance from others, not leaving home without my hand-sanitizer of 60/70% alcohol! Just purchased an inexpensive stationary bike with some of the stimulus check money and put the rest in savings for when the sh**t really hits the fan. With the rodents in the White House and Congress, I will continue to pray, try to keep my head on straight, KEEP MY DISTANCE, and hope I am still alive by the end of this year! Sounds a bit morbid, but I have my eyes wide open because you know who has his closed or has turned a blind eye. After all, he has been enabled by being "elected" in the first place!

  8. YEAH and FRESH FROM THE PRESS, CNN, CBS,……. MSM Media CCP Propagandist are financially linked to the Pro CCP Party Media… ……..and HOW ODD !!!!….. Pelosi now wants to block Investigations into the origins and spread of the CCP Wuhan Virus financed by the Obama/Biden Administration

  9. C'mon! The pattern of this behavior leaves no room for doubt. Trump's ¢hri$tian$ WANT, no NEED as many deaths as possible. Then it will SEEM LIKE the god in which they pretend to believe is real and involved in the activities of everyone. Gimme a break!

  10. Thank you for speaking the hard truth!! I appreciate how you are able to cut to the source without turning this into a comedy show.
    The testing inadequacies MUST be exposed and addressed and SOLVED…the alternative is too horrible to imagine.

  11. Mario Boada our government is ok selling cigarettes, allow Monsanto and other corporations to add toxic adddatives to our food. Plus too much to list. I work in health care, more than 30 years. Our Nazi infiltrated government has an agenda! Check out Rosa koire on you tube…U N agenda 2030. My partenal grandmother was Cherokee and grew on reservation in South Carolina, and i know what horrors she lived with. You ever been to Pine Ridge reservation. I have!!! Wake up! I am more worried 2nd hand cigarette smoke killing me before covid.

  12. This what I hear
    Blah blah blah blah blah lab blah blah blah. And the pork farm is fine
    President Trump took the temp of a mango. OM G it had Covid
    Wake up left. Go research everyone has COVID. What a crock of crap.
    You are going to prison for false fake news

  13. They are good. They are in self destructive mode. I like their past are already in danger and in next phase of Covid 19 their future will be in deep trouble. Then Questions will rise are these prostestor ready to sacrifice their child for present as they did to their elder.

    I appreciate them they live on present. Kudos and adiós to past and future.

  14. Thanks Fake Stream Media for your promotion of FEAR, FEAR, FEAR,FEAR,

  15. Robert F. Kennedy junior says doctor fawzi and Bill Gates stand to profit from cauvet 19 vaccine Robert F. Kennedy junior son of Robert and nephew of John F. Kennedy said that the national institute for allergic and infectious diseases doctor falsies agency will collect 50% of all royalties from a potential Corona virus vaccine kennedy junior said that Sr fauci owns a number of vaccine patents including one that is being primed to find Corona virus by some of America's biggest vaccine manufacturers the gates foundation invests in doctor falsies and I AID as part of its decade of vaccines program which aims to introduce a global vaccine action plan kennedy junior said that doctor fauci owns a patent for a specific type of vaccine that packages a virus in a protein sheet the virus is then delivered to the human body through their vaccine and kennedy junior said that a very quickly reaches the organs necessary to give a person immunity to a certain illness he said that companies who use that packing have to split the profits 50/50 with a night and he claimed that the gates foundation had invested in that particular patent he said that there was no limit on how much the NI AID can collect from the Corona virus facts in and said that there needs to be more government regulations to prevent it from doing so
    Published on April 29, 2020 well Robert F. Kennedy junior says drive fauci and Bill Gates stand to profit from posvit 19 vaccine

  16. World deaths today = +5,787. United States today = +2,351.
    Almost half are American…. Yet you continue to reopen…
    Why are so many Americans unable to use rational/critical thinking…?
    Perhaps, 40+ years of magical thinking due to hyper-religiosity.
    Has caught up to you…?


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