Hareem Shah released a video of Mufti Qawi in the make-up room

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Tick Tucker Hareem Shah released the video of Mufti Abdul Qawi’s make-up room after the slapping video.

These days, the controversial stories of Hareem Shah and Mufti Abdul Qawi have become the talk of social media.

Several videos of Hareem Shah, who made videos with various politicians, have also surfaced with Mufti Qawi, which has been heavily criticized by consumers.

Recently, Hareem Shah released a video of Mufti Qawi in which a girl was seen slapping him.

To which Hareem Shah had said that Qawi Sahib had made controversial gestures and conversations with him several times until he told the media.

But he also claimed to marry me. Because of which I have not only slapped them but also their shoes.

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The video of Mufti Qawi’s slap was still pending when Hareem Shah released a video of his make-up room.

In the video it can be seen that Mufti Qawi was doing make-up with a woman before attending the show as a guest and Hareem Shah Standing next to them are making all the videos.