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How does Technology addiction infect our mind?

How does Technology addiction infect our mind?

How does Technology addiction infect our mind?
How does Technology addiction infect our mind?

We all know about being healthy for carrot and broccoli (branch cabbage), but the question is whether we can only eat them all day long. Excessive use of anything is the result of loss, instead of profit, and many of us are very pleased with the use of technology.

According to the results of survey conducted in 34 countries by the Gobal Web Index, consumer data collection company on the Internet, users who use Internet access live daily for up to six hours a day. Thailand, Philippines, and Brazil included in these countries live longer than nine hours a day, in which a third time they spend in the use of social media. So the question is what technology does with our mind?

Due to the increasing use of technology, scientists are still being investigated on the effects of its physical and mental health. Dr Shim Kang’s focus on child adolescent psychologists, well-known adolescent children in Canada, is also focused on technology addiction. He said that technology is increasing from anxiety, mental stress, self-estimation and the abundance of the Internet Medical diagnosis is now used. As well as healthy foods with supper foods are available, there are different types of technology and if you want to have a good connection with them, you have to understand that your brain But what’s the effect?

How does the brain react to our brain?

Dr. Kong says that our brain passes through ‘meta-bacteria’ or chemical transformation when it comes to communication with technology and releases neuro-chemical in six different types of bodies in our body.

Serotone: This neuro-chemical continues when we are doing some creative work, are in contact with someone and are involved in some work.

Andorphins: This chemical is the position of ‘painful’ for the human body

Oakssetson: It releases meaningful things. Usually this is a useful neuro-chemical but those who target others on the Internet can use it for their own benefit.

Dopamine: This neurochemical relationship is of immediate benefit, but it is also a addiction. The use of technology is being used to release this chemical.

Aldeneline: It organizes our reaction to activities such as neurochemical fighting and fly-outs, but also continues to be balanced on leaks, pics, and social media.

Courtesel: It is known to be neurochemical pressure, depriving of sleep, very busy and humble people.

Useful, toxic and junk technology

Dr. Kang says ‘Safe technology involves everything that releases brain sensitivity for Sierra Leone, Andorphen or Okskenson.’ Meditation apps, giving pioneering and true relationships with the highlighting apps and people of creativity. Volumes are examples of this, but if you add good quantity of dopamine cooking habits, it will make you social media addictive.

He says that for example, there is a creative app and your child uses it to make movies. But think if they start using this app for six or seven hours. ‘

‘It is not a junk technology like candy crush, which only releases dopamine, but you still have to be cautious and have to set a limit.’

On the contrary, we use junk technology only to ‘destroy ourselves’.

They compare it to emotionally by eating zinc food because we ‘re doing it very hard.’

‘We worry about hazardous health things because we enjoy the benefits that we get in it, such as pornography, cyber honda gurdi, gambling, slot machine such as addictive video games and hatred conversations.’

Technology Dating

Dr. Kong says that any healthy technology should be away from poisonous things in the diet. But in moderation, a little can be enjoyed. We all are told to avoided processed food and sweet drinks, but there is no room for kids with pizza and pepper corn on Friday. Similarly, there is no reason to scroll on the instagram or play video games, without any thought.

Dr. Kong says that if you have diabetes or may be entitled, then your medical proposal will take a lot of harder than Chinese people. The same is with technology. For example, if you are a person whose family is accustomed to something or has anxiety, mental stress or is tempted by the time bound, then you have to take care Potential addictions of habits are dangerous. They say, especially children are very insecure and there is so much research that can be detected by children already becoming a bug.

Digital docs

The day body is growing in the Internet access and mobile phone life, but on the other day, continuously the day comes to see resistance against each other. According to the Global World Index, seven out of 10 out of 10 internet users have consumed ‘digital dating’ or ‘complete digital docs’ in the United States and Britain. It contains a lot of time to spend time online by deleting apps from closing a social media account.

Dr. Kong says that using the technology, we should also look at all other human needs. We should sleep for eight nine hours every night, and we should move our body every two hours a day. We should exercise, go out of the house and have a sunset. You are using the best technology, but if you understand it as a substitute for human beings, then understand that it is more than the limit.

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