Imam Baig expresses love on Shahbaz Shagri’s birthday

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Thank you for making me a better person, for playing with a girl like me, to have you in my life is no less than a blessing, singer

Singer Aima Baig has expressed her love for Shahbaz Shugri by sending a detailed message on his birthday.

Sharing memorable photos with Shahbaz Shugri, the singer said that at the moment nothing comes to my mind to write captions here.

Because words are not enough to describe your personality.

He said that it is a difficult task to write down in words all the memorable moments that he has shared with you. It will be boring to make the caption too long.

There is no need for a comedian if you are in his life.

The singer said that here I will reveal one thing about you that your Australian and British English accent makes you more beautiful.

Thank you Shugri for being a better person and thank you for being with a girl like me, it is no less than a blessing to have you in my life.