Indian conspiracy to sabotage peace efforts in Afghanistan

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Indian conspiracy to sabotage peace efforts in Afghanistan, Ajit Doval’s unannounced visit to Kabul

National Security Adviser to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ajit Doval arrived in Kabul on Wednesday on an unannounced visit to sabotage Pakistan’s efforts to bring peace to Afghanistan, as he arrived in the Qatari capital. Extreme inter-Afghan talks are underway in Doha.

According to a statement issued by the office of the Afghan President, the meeting focused on ongoing efforts for peace in Afghanistan and measures to combat terrorism.

On the other hand, no statement was issued by India regarding the visit.

Keeping a close eye on the visit of Indian National Security Adviser to Kabul, Pakistani officials said that Ajit Doval’s visit was part of India’s efforts to sabotage peace efforts in Afghanistan as India does not want peace in Afghanistan.

A Pakistani official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said there was a strong opinion in Pakistan that India did not like peace and stability in Afghanistan and would continue to try to worsen the situation so that it could take advantage of the unrest.

On the contrary, the biggest beneficiaries of peace in Afghanistan are Pakistan, Iran and Russia, so the three countries agree at the regional level to give peace there a chance.
On the other hand, India is working to worsen the situation.

Pakistan has repeatedly pointed out internal and external elements for instability in Afghanistan. External elements refer to India.

Another Pakistani official said that the biggest obstacle to peace in Afghanistan. The obstacle is India.

Therefore, Ajit Doval’s visit to Kabul is not without reason. India has not yet wholeheartedly acknowledged the efforts being made for peace in Afghanistan.

President Trump’s US administration had pressured India to contact the Afghan Taliban in India and accept them as a political reality.

But Narendra Modi’s Indian government has so far avoided it and has sought to bring peace to Afghanistan. It has distanced itself from the efforts of countries in the region, including Iran and Russia.

Iran and Russia have been anti-Taliban in the past, but have now changed their stance and established direct contact with the Taliban, recognizing them as a political reality in Afghanistan.

China, another key player in the region, has also joined the Taliban. Has established a working relationship with

Pakistan has fully informed the United States that India will never want peace in Afghanistan.

Pakistan has repeatedly convinced the United States that India’s interest is in spreading unrest in Afghanistan. Has also complained of use.

Pakistan has recently provided dossiers with irrefutable evidence against India, pointing to India’s escalation of violence.

These dossiers include anti-Pakistan Taliban groups operating on Afghan soil by Indian intelligence agencies and Special mention has been made of collusion between Baloch terrorists.

According to the official, if peace and stability prevails in Afghanistan, it will be impossible for India to use Afghan territory against Pakistan.

That is why Pakistan has been skeptical of any Indian role in Afghanistan, but despite Pakistani concerns, both the US-Taliban peace deal in Doha in February last year and the subsequent efforts to start intra-Afghan talks in September.

India was invited there.

India, which has been a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council since January 1, is also chairing a UN body’s committee on sanctions against the Taliban.

That means the United States would like India to be part of peace efforts in Afghanistan. ۔

Pakistan believes that giving any role to India is detrimental to peace in Afghanistan.

A second round of talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban is under way in Doha these days, focusing on Afghanistan’s next political roadmap and ceasefire.

The talks are being held under a US-Taliban agreement under which the United States will withdraw its troops from Afghanistan by May this year, while the Taliban will not allow Afghan territory to be used by terrorist groups.

The administration also continues or reviews Trump’s policies.