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Introducing the unique feature of WhatsApp

Leading messaging service WhatsApp has decided to introduce a unique feature for users.

According to the details, WhatsApp has started working on the ‘sign out’ feature under which the user will be able to log out of the account wherever he wants.

After logging out, it will lose access to mobile or computer and then it will be able to log in again like ID.

Earlier, WhatsApp had introduced a new web update for the Android version.

According to the tech website that monitors WhatsApp updates, WhatsApp has fixed the flaws in the previous beta version and put it on the Play Store.

WhatsApp management says that if users are not a beta tester, we recommend that they update this version.

WhatsApp management says that if you are a beta tester, you should not update to as it has been introduced to all general users.

It is also worth noting here that if the feature has been introduced for the previous beta version, it cannot be said with certainty whether update will be available to everyone or not.

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