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Is this the oldest galaxy in the universe?

Is this the oldest galaxy in the universe?

A global team of scientists has announced that they have discovered the oldest galaxy in the universe, which came into being 13.4 billion years ago, just 400 million years after the Big Bang!

This galaxy, which scientists have dubbed “GN-Z11”, is located in the direction of the famous celestial cluster called “Ursa Major”.

Interestingly, although the light from this galaxy has reached us in 13.4 billion years, it has become even farther away from us in the long run.
According to conservative estimates, the galaxy is currently about 32 billion light-years away.

By the way, the “GN-Z11” was discovered by the Hubble Space Telescope in 2016 and then, considering the unusual “red shift” in the light coming from it, it was said that It is probably the oldest and farthest galaxy ever discovered.

However, more detailed and sensitive observations were needed to confirm this idea, which took another three years to complete.

The global team of astronomers from Switzerland, the United States, China and Japan has confirmed after a detailed study of the galaxy with the latest equipment from the “Keck” space telescope in the US state of Hawaii. It is actually the oldest galaxy in the universe to date.

According to scientists, the GN-Z11 was only 4% (25 times smaller) and about 1% larger than our Milky Way galaxy. However, the speed of star formation was 20 times faster than the national way.

Not only that, but the average age of the stars in it was only 40 million years, which shows that the stars in this galaxy 13.4 billion years ago are ten times heavier (or even heavier) than our Sun. Will be

It is quite clear that this galaxy began to form almost at the same time as the first star in the universe. It also means that the GNZ-11 has challenged some of our current theories about the origin of galaxies, which need to be reconsidered.

In addition, experts believe that it would be extremely difficult to discover a galaxy at a greater distance than this because it is probably very close to what we call the “observable universe boundary” or “universe wall.” They say

Note: This research is published in a recent issue of the research journal “Nature Astronomy”.

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