Long live Pakistan in the capital of India

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The whole area resounded with slogans of ‘Long live Pakistan’ by motorcyclists near the metro station in the Indian capital, where the so-called secular state claimants arrested six people, including three women.

Near metro station in the New Delhi few people seen chanting “Long Live Pakistan”.

Although New Delhi is capital city but still people are supporting Pakistan.

New Delhi Police said that when they reached the spot on a telephone complaint, a few people were present on a yellow motorbike and were chanting “Long live Pakistan”.

Six people, including three women chanting slogans, were detained.
A senior police officer told the media that the investigation revealed that the chanters had come from the India Gate area on rented bikes and were racing during which they called each other as teams from other countries. had been.

The police officer further said that during the race, the motorcyclists who became the Pakistani team, triumphantly chanted the slogan “Long live Pakistan” on their victory, to which some people lodged a complaint with the police.