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Look at the Earth’s one billion year geological history in 40 seconds

If you look at our earth through a geological lens, it looks like a boiled egg. Because there are fault lines that consist of large chunks of land.

They are commonly called tectonic plates. Now the complete evolution of tectonic plates has been summed up in a single video that takes only 40 seconds to watch.

Like a jigsaw puzzle, tectonic geological plates are interconnected and have an average movement at the speed of nail growth.

In this regard, experts have combined all the tectonic information into a single video in which all kinds of facts are correct. Thus, the Earth’s billion-year journey can be seen in just 40 seconds.

The video was made by Michael Tetley, a PhD student at the University of Sydney, and his colleagues.

Although these plates move a few centimeters a year, when they are noted for billions of years, they undergo extraordinary changes.

Today’s Antarctica is very icy and was a beautiful and recreational place when it was at the equator.

By understanding this we can learn a lot about the terrestrial weather, climate, geology and our own future. This video is based on the latest geological model available so far.

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