Mixed mixtures from Chinese tree help fight cancer

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Mixed mixtures from Chinese tree help fight cancer

A new mixture of cancer has been removed against cancer due to the extremely rare and fast-growing smoky tree in China

New York: A new study has shown that a mixture of chronic or citrus trees in China has been obtained, which can be useful in many types of cancer.

This tree is called fir in English, which can be used to treat a combination of other medicines with cancer.

Dr. Mingji, a company affiliated with Pargaid University in the United States, discovered the ‘Compound 29’ mixture in the Dye Chinese Cinnamon tree Abies beshanzuensis.

Compound 29 plays a protein SHP2 role in preventing. It can be useful in enzyme breast, mouth, gastric, liver, lung, leukemia and other types of cancer.

For a while, researchers are trying to target the PHP-to-side and can eliminate the headache flames.

Now experts have made a new compound known as Compound 30, it sticks to HT-to-protein and makes it strong bond (bound), but it is still to consider further.

When compound 30 stays with the PHP-to-side, it tries to spread more HT-to-protein, but it needs to be used with many other reasons to make it more powerful. This discovery has led to several types of cancer treatment.