Mufti Qawi has not only been slapped but also his shoes, Hareem Shah

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Tick ‚Äč‚Äčtock star Hareem Shah has said that he has not only slapped Mufti Qawi but also his shoes.

In an interview to a local channel, Hareem Shah said, “I am doing a show on a private channel for which I thought I would be the first to invite the guests of the show who caused my character to die.”

That is why he invited Mufti Qawi as a guest in the show to bring the truth to the world and bear all the expenses for coming to Karachi from Lahore.

He said that a girl selfie with Mufti Qawi had gone viral.

Despite knowing that she was abroad at that time, Mufti Qawi knowingly lied that Hareem Shah was with her in the selfie.

Due to which I was cursed a lot but I kept silent thinking that one day I will take revenge and humiliate them in front of the world.

Hareem Shah also said that I had stopped making tick-tock videos for some time and had gone to Baku.

However, Mufti Qawi attended Mubashir Luqman’s show and the reason why my new video did not come was that he told me The Mufti kept laughing when the host asked for more.

Tuck Tucker also made a startling revelation about Mufti Qawi that before the show, he and his team took Mufti Qawi to a restaurant where he did inappropriate things to me, but even then I controlled myself.

I kept thinking that if I just reacted, things would get worse and as far as the slapping video was concerned, I have so far not only slapped Mufti Qawi but also slapped his shoes.