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NAB again failed to arrest Hamza Shahbaz

NAB again failed to arrest Hamza Shahbaz

NAB again failed to arrest Hamza Shahbaz
NAB again failed to arrest Hamza Shahbaz

NAB officials raid on their residence for the arrest of PML-N Hamza Shahbaz, but the Lahore High Court prevented NAB from being arrested, which was sent back to the NAB team.

According to Express News, the NAB’s investigative team in Lahore lodged at his residence for the arrest of PML (N) leader and leader opposition leader Hamza Shahbaz in Punjab Assembly.

To deal with any unpleasant incident like the last day, the heavy pistol of the police siege Model Town, but the NAB officials did not enter the house and waited outside, but the ladder was also allowed to enter the house. Is.

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While hearing the news of the NAB raid, the number of workers of PML (N) workers reached Model Town and also their rape took place, NAB sought Rangers to help in the arrest.

In the meantime, the Muslim League (N) legal team filed a petition filed by the Lahore High Court.

This petition was fixed on 8th April, for the hearing on Monday, however, the NG lawyer’s lawyer Amjad Pervaiz Advocate and the High Court Bar President Hafeez-ur-Rehman presented in Chopardi court and offered immediate hearing.

Chief Justice, Lahore High Court Sardar Shamim Khan, stopped the hearing on April 8 after receiving the hearing of the chambers of the petition by the NAB.

Why is Hamza not hidden, NAB?

Earlier, outside the house of Hamza Shahbaz’s house, Chaudhry Asghar deputy director Chaudhry Asghar said to the media, “We have completed all legal requirements, we have warrants of their arrest, Hamza Shahbaz is hiding in the basement of the house.”

He appeals to Hamza Shahbaz to arrest him instead of hiding behind the walls. They should also get legal requirements, if Hamza Shahbaz is not required, why are they hiding and saying, we are not terrorists, nor have the weapons come out empty hands, Punjab Police has taken help, tomorrow But they were not allowed to hold, they will be arrested today, warrants have been arrested but still they are not accepting it.

NAB raid is state terrorism

spokesman Hamza Shahbaz

NAB’s raid on Hamza Shahbaz’s spokesperson Atta Tarr has said that NAB’s action is a state-terrorism, NAB has not been told before we came, Hamza Shahbaz can not arrest us. We are talking to him.

On the previous day, the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) team had raided the leader of opposition leader Shahbaz Sharif in the National Assembly but no arrest was taken.

NAB said in his statement that the team of NAB Lahore was arrested on a basis of solid evidence in asset and alleged money laundering case, Hamza Shahbaz’s assault took place, but Hamza Shahbaz’s guards were protesting. And the NAB team regularly regained and threatened to kill somebody besides killing clothes….

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