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NASA has released the latest video, images and sounds of Mars

Texas: The US space agency NASA has released a video of its Mars Preservative rover, which landed on Mars on February 19, as well as a panoramic view of Mars and the “Mars Voices” online. Released by this search tool recorded from there.

In the video, “Presence” can be seen descending to the surface of Mars from a height of several kilometers. This scene is really such that you will feel your heart beating when you see it.

The panoramic view of Mars is made up of several images. This is actually a circle-like scene around the Preservation Rover, all photographed by a powerful camera mounted on this detector rotating 360 degrees.

It will be interesting to read that “Mars Panorama” (the vast landscape of Mars) has become part of NASA’s tradition today.

The first such “Mars Panorama” was created by combining images taken with a camera after the “Pathfinder” mission landed on Mars in 1997.

Presence Mars Panorama is something like this:

At the same time, NASA has released the latest sounds on the “Sound Cloud” that have been “heard” and recorded by Mars from preservative microphones.

Hopefully in the days to come we will hear more sounds of Mars here.

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