Naseebo Lal surpasses singer Ali Zafar

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Singer Naseebo Lal has surpassed all the PSL anthem singers so far.

According to the details, the anthem of Pakistan Super League PSL season 6 ‘Grove Meera’ is all over the place but now this anthem has earned the honor of making another record of popularity.

Compared to Ali Zafar, the singer of songs of season 3 of PSL, Fawad Khan, the singer of season 4 and Ali Azmat, the singer of season 5, the song sung in the voice of Naseebo Lal has been liked the most on YouTube.

On the other hand, while a large number of users liked this season’s anthem, the number of dislikes is much higher than other anthems.

Naseebo Lal’s anthem has more than 8.5 million views on YouTube.

The anthem has so far garnered around 300,000 likes on YouTube.

The number of people who dislike and dislike this song is close to one and a half lakh.

It should be noted that Ali Zafar’s most famous PSL anthem “Ab Khel Jame Ga” had received around 200,000 likes but this song was disliked by only 8,000 people.