Never thought the video would become so popular: Poweri Girl

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Poweri girl Dananir, who has been making headlines on social media and news for the past few days, has made an important revelation regarding her viral video.

According to the details, Poweri Girl Dananir said that she never thought that the video would become so popular.

“I didn’t know my video was going to be so popular,” Nanir said of his video.

A few seconds ago, a few seconds of video went viral on social media.

A young girl holding a camera in her hand first shows a car parked behind her, then shows some of her friends and at the same time says in her typical tone, ‘This is our car, this is us and this is our Power (ie party) is happening.

The young girl has gone viral on social media after watching this short video and people have started making memes of this video which are being well liked in Pakistan as well as in India.

Referring to the memes made on his video, Dina Nayyar said that the memes made on the video are enjoyable.

“I’m determined to make more videos for fans in the future,” he added.