No party, Rimsha Khan angry at fellow actor for making video

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Drama actress Rimsha Khan refused to make a video in the style of the viral video “Power is happening”.

After the video of the girl called “Power is happening” went viral, the actors are also making and sharing their own video.

The craze for making videos has grown to such an extent that not only Pakistani but also Indian artists are busy making videos in the same style but actress Rimsha Khan has apologized for making the video.

Actor Umar Khan shared a video on Insta in which he is accompanied by actress Maryam Noor and Rimsha Khan. The actor took the opportunity to try to make his own video like “Party Girl” on which he was insulted.

Umar Khan introduced himself and Maryam in the video but when he said that Rimsha is also with me.

All she had to say was that the actress Rimsha got angry and folded her hands and said, “God forbid, shut up, nothing is happening, no party is taking place, only work is going on.”