Noor Ul Ain Ep 17 – Sajal Aly – Imran Abbas – Top Pakistani Drama

Noor Ul Ain Ep 17 – Sajal Aly – Imran Abbas – Top Pakistani Drama

Noor Ul Ain Ep 17 – Sajal Aly – Imran Abbas – Top Pakistani Drama

There is only one thing in the world which has no rights and wrongs and that is Love. It’s pure, it’s magical and it has no rationales. When you are in love, everything seems to be fair and justified, even if it costs all the existing relations.

Presenting the highly anticipated love story of this season; Noor ul Ain, that is going to ignite the spark of love and affection in all the spectators.

Noor ul Ain is a beautiful love story of Noor ul Ain (Sajal Aly) and Khizar (Imran Abbas). They eloped to make their own house hoping that love will handle the trick. They marry each other against the wishes of their parents and society, thinking that a life without love is going to be no life at all. Not knowing that; it was just the beginning because love never comes alone; it always comes with its own conditions!

International singer Zeb Bangash and talented Ali Sethi sang the OST of Noor Ul Ain which has already become a hit. Top of it, a lot of people are seen singing the song even though the drama hasn’t released yet.

Is love enough to keep a relationship strong? Is that the only requirement for life? Or it’s more about stressing on the problems couples deal with and work through in order to maintain a relationship?

Directed By:
Sarmad Sultan Khoosat

Written By:
Edison Idrees Masih

• Sajal Aly
• Imran Abbas
• Marina Khan
• Irfan Khoosat
• Iffat Omar

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  1. 🌸ھــم تــو ھیــں آداب "مــحبت" کــے پــابنــد صــاحب

    ھــمیں تــوآ تــا ھــی نھیــں انســان ســے نفــرت کرنــا❤✌️🍁🌸

  2. یہ کیسی بیوی ھے جو نہ خود ہنستی ھے اور نہ ہی شوہر کو ھنسنے دیتی ہے کیا ایسی بیوی کے ساتھ کوئی خوش رہ سکتا ھے

  3. Noor ki dost intihai ghattia hai. Or aisi dost say hamesha door rehna chahiye. Wasay bi aurat ki aqal gittuh ma hoti hai. Baray log keh ker ghay hain. Aurat kabhi mard ko pehchan nahi sakti. Hamesha kisi ko us ki baton say juj nahi karo.

  4. Aurat ko kabhi mard k sath narmi say pash nahi aana chahiye. Mard 95 percent gondo hotay hain. In ko agar koi larki thori si lift ya achay say baat ker lain. Tu sab nahi per zaida ter mard tu khayalo ma suhag raat b plan ker laitay hain. Mari tamam working women's ko advice hai. K during work always serious. Don't talk with ur bosses without any reason.

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