Nora Fatihi cried when she mentioned the devilish people in Bollywood

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Indian actress Nora Fatehi cried while mentioning the devilish human beings in Bollywood.

During an interview, Indian actress Nora Fatehi cried remembering the bitter experiences in Bollywood and said that when she arrived in India, she was very excited, thinking that she would be picked up in a limousine I will stay in the room and I will go to audition in the limousine but that did not happen.

Nora Fatihi said that in spite of all these things, I faced people like Shaitan Sifat in India and very difficult situations, people here stole my passport, I was deported from India.

He said that the director used to ask me to speak dialogues in Hindi by blocking me for auditions.

He used to make fun of my accent on my face while I thought that I wish they would not make fun of me in front of me.

The Indian actress said that no matter how many difficulties she faced, if she had come with another person, she would have lost hope and would have been completely shattered, while losing hope is a terrible thing.