Pakistan develops strategy for relations with Biden’s government

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Pakistan has finalized a strategy for its future relationship with the new US President Joe Biden’s government.

Top government sources say that what will be their policy for Pakistan after the inauguration of the new US President, senior Pakistani officials are waiting to see.

Pakistani officials hope that the new US President Joe Biden will maintain good and equal relations with Pakistan.

Officials also hope that the new US president will understand the importance of Pakistan’s role in the Afghan reconciliation process and that the US policy in this regard will continue, and that the new US government in Pakistan will continue to support the Afghan reconciliation process.

Will maintain its relationship with Top federal government sources say that Pakistan will clarify its policy keeping in view the situation only after the US President’s policy towards Pakistan comes to light.

Pakistan will continue its cooperation on the policy of equal relations with the new US government. And will continue the process of dialogue.

Diplomatic sources say the new US president, Joe Biden, is well aware of Pakistan’s sacrifices to end terrorism and its role in the Afghan reconciliation process.

The new US government’s policy on its relations with Pakistan will be positive.

It is likely that Prime Minister Imran Khan will visit the United States soon if the new US administration introduces a policy of integrated relations for Pakistan and may invite the new US President and his cabinet to visit Pakistan.

Sources said that Biden has been pursuing a policy of better relations with Pakistan in the past, so relations between Pakistan and the new US government will be under the best working relationship and Pakistan’s trade, diplomatic and other issues with the United States. I can get better.

As per Express Tribune claimed that when contacted, Foreign Office spokesman Zahid Hafeez Chaudhry that Pakistan currently has close ties with the US government in various fields and hoped that the new US President Joe Biden would further strengthen Pakistan’s ties with his government. shall be.