Pakistan protests controversial US State Department tweet over Occupied Kashmir

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Pakistan raised the issue of tweeting “Indian Kashmir” before the US State Department.

Pakistan has termed the US statement on resumption of 4G internet service in occupied Kashmir as disappointing.

Foreign Office spokesman Zahid Hafeez Chaudhry said that the US State Department’s statement contradicted the controversial status of Jammu and Kashmir, the Kashmir dispute is a long-standing issue in the United Nations.

The Foreign Office spokesman stressed that efforts should be made to resolve the Kashmir issue in accordance with UN resolutions, urging the international community to urge India to stop human rights violations in occupied Kashmir.

A tweet from the US State Department yesterday did not mention the region’s controversial status. The US State Department tweeted contrary to the facts, which read “India’s Jammu and Kashmir”.

However, US State Department spokesman Ned Price clarified that US policy on Kashmir has not changed and the US still considers Kashmir a disputed territory between Pakistan and India.